The Brew (Our Baby & Toddler Group)

“The Brew” happens on a Thursday morning between 10 & 11.30am at the church hall. If you have never been inside the building you won’t realize how lovely the place we meet is. As you walk in, there is carpet, comfy chairs and warmth. We have toys laid out for the children: play dough, duplo, brio and books plus the slide and trampoline. Then we get on to the fresh coffee, teas and the cakes — a vital part of the pleasure of coming to meet friends. We hope that we can provide a service for those of you with young kids who need a break and some company and chat.

The entrance of The Brew is at the rear of the church building, on Melbourne Street.

All Saints Brew Map

We would love to meet you and look forward to welcoming you one Thursday soon.