Sunday Services

On Sundays we have two services. At each service we hear from God’s word the Bible, we sing His praises, we call on Him in prayer, and we encourage each other. There is a talk from the Bible at each of these services, and our aim is always to explain a section of the Bible so that Christians are helped in their relationship with Jesus, and so that people looking into the Christian faith can understand more about who Jesus is and why he came.
Our services are a little different from each other:


All Saints @ 10.30am

All Saints @ 10.30am is more contemporary in style with the Bible readings from the NIV and the hymns and songs both old and new. During the service there is a crèche and groups for children. Afterwards there is a time for refreshments and a chat.

Saints @ 6.30pm

Saints @ 6.30pm is our cafe style service. It’s structure varies week by week; but we meet around tables with drinks, and a snack is served during the service. During the service there is some form of discussion for people to listen to and join in with if they want to. The Bible readings are from NIV, and the hymns and songs are both old and new.

Church Family Picnic

On the fourth Sunday of each month we meet to have lunch together after the morning service. Please feel free to bring your own picnic lunch as we eat together and get to know one another better.